Screencast Credit

Special thanks to:

Dave Amos, Web Manager, Idealist
and Ami Dar for allowing complete access to their web analytics stats.

Laura Whitehead
Technology consultant for non-profits/charities, web & print designer
Case study about South Hams CVS

Avinash Kaushik, Web Analytics Evangelist, Google
Buy his book

Laura Quinn, Idealware

Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategy With Jeremiah

Eric Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified - who is honored in part of the title of this screencast
Buy his books

Window Like by Anthony Raijeko

Articles and Videos

How To Use Web Analytics by James McGuire
A Few Good Analytics Tools by Laura Quinn, Idealware
analytics ยป Credits
SEO Morning Show in YouTube
Interview with Avinash Kaushik with Jeremiah Owyang
Web Analytics Wiki
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Opening Sequence

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Act 1: Actionable Analytics
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Photos in the Five-Step Process

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