During the research phase for the screencast, I discovered quite a few excellent resources on web analytics and google analytics and am including them below for your reference. In addition, in June, 2007, I attended the NTEN Webinar with Avinash Kaushik and I took extensive notes on the types of questions asked and resources mentioned and have compiled them below. If you find a useful resource, please tag it with "npanalytics" or share it on the NTEN Affinity - NpAnalytics.

Blogs, Wikis, Web Sites, and Books

WikiWebanalytics provides an editable online resource for web analytics professionals and people wanting to know more about web analytics
Occam's Razor by Avanish Kaushik, Web Analytics Guru
Web Analytics: An Hour A Day by Avanish Kaushik
Actionable Web Analytics by Jason Burby and Shane Achtison
Web Analytics Demystified by Eric Peterson
LunaMetrics Blog by Robbin Steiff

Complete book list
Complete blog list


Web Analytics and Organizational Culture

Using the Information To Make Improvements

Web Analytics Visualization

A Few Good Reports

Google Analytics

Set up Stuff

How To Exclude Your Internal Traffic
Video - start at minute 2:03
Filtering Your Data
Google Analytics Shortcuts

Advanced Topics

How to Track Anything in Google Analytics
Conversion University

Advanced Use of Google Analytics New Interface

Tracking 404 pages

Track clickthroughs and landing page performance from your messaging campaigns through Google Analytics. With a little export-to-spreadsheet trickery, you can also do some pretty cool tracking of your blog posts.
Ian Lurie has produced a series of videos on Google Analytics,

Goals: Setting Up and Tracking
This is a more advanced technique. If you want to go deeper in understanding how to set up and use goal tracking, use these resources:

Seth's Blog: How To Misuse Google Analytics
Google Analytics Documentation: How To Set Up Goals
Google Analytics Documentation: Complete Instructions for Goals, Path, and Funnel

Unofficial Google Analytics Blog
How to Set Up Goals
How To Monetize Goals
Match Types for Setting Up Goals

Video Tutorial: How To Set Up Goals
Video Tutorial: Looking at the Data

Avinash Kaushik, Path Analysis - A Waste of Time?

Tracking off site links
Wordpress plugin that adds an onClick event to the links.