"Beth did an amazing job on this! A really engaging mixture of conventional presentation style, documentary, and instructional
screencast elements." - Jon Udell

"It is wonderful. The thing like I loved about this screencast is that it is real, it is true UCG and has a human touch to it. I am sure people will learn a lot from it and be able start using the data for their websites." - Avinash Kaushik

You will get answers to all these and more in Beth Kanter's excellent video tutorial on web analytics software with main focus on Google Analytics. Other than learning about Analytics, this video gives you an idea about the usefulness of screencasts if they are properly scripted and produced right. - Amit Agarwal , Digital Inspiration

Beth created this great video of Google Analytics for your non-profit (and any other orginzation) she shows how to determine some of the most basic uses of the tool, and makes it easy and useful for anyone who wants to understand how users are using your site. Web Strategy by Jeremiah

If Google Analytics makes you go "huh?", blogger Beth Kanter screencasts a primer! - Lifehacker

Useful for anyone struggling to make sense out of Google Analytics - the download squad

Google has a step-by-step guide to teach how to use, but was on Beth's Blog where I found one of the best guide to beginners for Google Analytics. It's a great ScreenCast, great resource and a must to see video. Lucia Dias Ribero

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent Google Analytics screencast. We just started using Google Analytics here at the 92nd Street Y and I passed a link to your screencast along as an introduction and it got rave reviews! I can’t believe I haven’t been a subscriber to your blog but that’s now fixed. We seem to be in the same space, bloggin’ up nonprofits – I created the 92nd Street Y’s blog ( a few years ago and it’s been nonstop nonprofit blog action ever since." Sean Flannagan Associated Web Director, 92nd Street Y